Tips to Make “Working From Home” More Productive

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it necessary for many office workers to work remote. Some of us have found it easier to cope with these changes, while others are finding it more difficult. We're sharing our top tips for better remote work.

1. Create a separate work space

To stop the hours and days blending into each other, try to find ways to separate "working hours" from the rest of your day and week. A few ways I've done that myself is to have a separate office space that helps you get into work mode. If you don't have room for a separate office, try to place a desk in the corner of a room and surround yourself with items that remind you of your prevous workspace. Bonus points if you have access to a window.

2. Keep to a schedule and routine

I've also found it beneficial to keep to a traditional morning routine including changing to office clothes, a morning stroll to get a take away coffee and heading back into my "office" to work. At the end of the day I take another stroll listening to a podcast or two and head back home. A change I've made to the way my day starts is to help my 7 year old son to plan out his online learning, and prompt him with any questions before getting into my work which helps to reduce interruptions through the day.

3. Find time to socialise with your colleagues

For those of us who are social animals, schedule some quick breaks through the day for people to socialise. It's even more important than before to create a sense of comraderie and foster a strong culture. You can also organise hosted online events instead to replace the typical Friday aternoon get togethers. Some fun ideas we've tried have been cocktail making, Trivia nights, and introductions to Jazz.

4. Take quality breaks

Instead of breaks consumed by screen time - such as browsing reddit, instagram, facebook or twitter - step away from your devices and walk around your house, chat with your spouse or give your kids and pets a cuddle. The idea is to relax your mind, get your body moving and get some social interaction that you might be missing.


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